Keeping in touch - Monthly Newsletters

When covid cancelled all our local history meetings we decided to publish monthly newsletters to help us keep in touch with each other. These were much appreciated especially by members stuck at home during lockdown. Many of our members and speakers have given interesting historical material.

Please use the following links to download or read Mo's newsletters. They can be a quite big download up to 3 Mb.

Newsletter 1 - March 2020

Newsletter 2 - April 2020

Newsletter 3 - May 2020 WW2 Commemoration edition

Newsletter 4 - June 2020

Newsletter 5 - July 2020

Newsletter 6 - September 2020

Newsletter 7 - October 2020

Christmas Newsletter - 2020

January Newsletter - 2021 - the Green Hut

February Newsletter - 2021 - the Russian Arms, Rare plants and much more

March Newsletter - 2021 - Bob Elliot's memories as a boy in Cherry Hinton

April Newsletter - 2021 - Fred Dibnah repairs the big chimney on Riverside and more

May Newsletter - 2021 - The Cherries football hero Brian Stevens. John Gates relates adventures doing National Service.

June Newsletter - 2021 - The village High Street as it was in 1963 plus much more.

July Newsletter - 2021 - this bumper edition is the last newsletter written so far. It includes an article by Sheila Beck on health care in the village before the NHS and a tribute to Basil Trott, the last Surviving Member of HMS Exeter in the Battle of the River Plate .

The society is collecting WW2 memories. Beth Saunders has produced this video to commemorate VE Day in which she and her fiance Nick speak the words given to us by residents who lived through the war. If you have any memories you are willing to share please contact us by email or phone (contact details on home page).


CCAN Cherry Hinton
CCAN is made up of over 30 groups from towns and villages across Cambridgeshire. Together we are recording the local history of our county. CCAN records the memories, with over 50,000 photos, written text, audio and video recordings of everyday life.

The Cherry Hinton Village Website
A wealth of information about Cherry Hinton including a nice article on history. There are links to village events, community groups, doctors surgery info, bus routes and much more.

Cherry Hinton Festival
All about Cherry Hinton Festival in September.

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