What we did (and hoped to do) in 2020

Sadly, because of Covid, we had to cancel just about everything. So no excursions and we cannot use the Church Centre until further notice. Mo is working very hard to keep everybody in touch via the "newsletter". All contributions and suggestions for that welcome!

2020 programme

27th Jan Cherry Hinton Road − Past & Present Mary Burgess Local Studies Assistant, Cambridge Collection
24th Feb My Journey into Family History Pam Butler
30th Mar The History of Swimming & Bathing in Cambridge Sophie Smiley
27th Apr Museum of Technology − Past, Present & Future Pam Halls Curator
18th May Operation Chastise & the Dam Busters David Taylor
29th Jun Cherry Hinton Characters in St. Andrews Churchyard Michelle Bullivant
27th July The American Cemetery Suzie Harrison
No meeting in August
28th Sept The story of how Pye became Cambridge's biggest private sector company for much of the 20th century Roger Crabtree Pye History Trust
26th Oct Ely Cathedral Mark Bradford Cathedral & Tower Guide
30th Nov AGM and Members Social Event


CCAN Cherry Hinton
CCAN is made up of over 30 groups from towns and villages across Cambridgeshire. Together we are recording the local history of our county. CCAN records the memories, with over 50,000 photos, written text, audio and video recordings of everyday life.

The Cherry Hinton Village Website
A wealth of information about Cherry Hinton including a nice article on history. There are links to village events, community groups, doctors surgery info, bus routes and much more.

Cherry Hinton Festival
All about Cherry Hinton September Festival - cancelled.

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